Illus - February 2015

Small press : Coffret E² 001 - Éditions E²

From May to October 2014 succeeded at No. 5 Recyclart showcase (in Brussels), now temporarily Gallery E², exhibitions (at the rate of a monthly gathering between 3 and 5 artists), concerts like epiphanies , balloon releases, cold sweats, alcoholic performances, visions of decay, stereo rail noises, sweaty and blistering mixes, poorly made households, noodle salads, grinding teeth, frenetic karaoke, and vernissages ending at a time when honest people are building up their human capital.
After these six months of diverse and varied destruction, here comes the time of immortalization, the sacred legacy that will all survive us, at least some time, at best until the planet is reduced to dust, fine particles without memory an insolent god will take to the toilet and slip into the nose. Do we ever know.
Our legacy is thus humbly embodied in this book that you will hold in your hands and which brings together the works of the artists on display, accompanied by two cassettes filled with pieces of musicians willing to trample the dubious ground of our beautiful gallery.
To all of them, our eternal respect.

Artists book:
Anne Van Der Linden, Elzo Durt, Charlotte Cochelin, Pakito Bolino, Laurent Impeduglia, Benjamin Monti, Caroline Sury, Samantha Chope, Sylvain Bureau, Mathieu Desjardins, Celine Le Gouail, Valfret, Celine Guichard, Dawamesk, Sarah Fisthole, FSTN.

Musicians compilation cassettes:
Spagguetta Orghasmmond, Infecticide, Epic Schmeterling, C_C & Terrificolor, Ripit, Gura, Traps, Black metal for my funeral, Exoterrism, A million squeeks, Sneers, 2B4U, Gregaldur, Antoine Panache, Attic Ted, Shethar, Guili Guili Gulag, Lubricator, G4Z, Osica, Carrageean, The Vial …

Silkscreen + double cassettes _ 25x35cm - 100 ex.