Entrepreneurs Modernes

New comic book project!

“Modern Entrepreneurs” recounts over 62 pages the adventures of Amédé Brumaire, a young dynamic decision-maker, who takes the helm of the family business on the death of his uncle. Driven by a progressive vision and determined to modernize the company, he wants to embark on the creation of applications for the Internet but only has industrial tools and unqualified personnel for this task.

Opposite to him / by his side is Pablo, a former junior associate of his uncle, who reacts in a refractory way, and above all hopes to keep his hierarchical position in the team.
Amédé also hires Mademoiselle Éva, a psychologist who acts as a development coach, for the reconversion of the company. She, for her part, does not really take Amédé seriously but takes advantage of her situation to use the company’s resources to develop her own projects…

Developed in an industrial world mixing absurd fantasy and whimsical science fiction, this managerial universe constitutes the ideal pretext for the creation of a gallery of bizarre employees, disturbing hierarchical superiors and grotesque colleagues!

Project monitoring

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Strips in progress

NB: The strips below are work in progress. Some boxes are finished, others are not. To be continued 🙂
As with my other works, the images are made by composing digital collages. The recurring characters are designed on a 3D basis in order to have complete creative freedom. These “3D sketches” are then modified by pictorial additions in order to integrate them into the compositions.