Expo : CosmoBib#2

From October 12 to 29, Sterput artists were invited by BiB to exhibit at Cosmopolis as part of the Bib Festival in Nantes, France.
With : Piet Ducongo, Jen Crab, Vincent Wagnair, KKR, Silio Durt, Bryan Beast, Noémie barsolle, Boris Pramatarov, Sophie Ung, Eléonore & Kenny, Mona Margot, Delphine Somers, Rebecca Rosen, Deborah Lothe.
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Expo : Between dog and wolf

Collective exhibition “Between dog and wolf”, a collaboration of Exit 11 with the associative project and publishing house E²Sterput.

I will present my “HYPERSENTAÏ” series and one of the “Toxic Quest” POS displays among the works of Benjamin Monti, Catho Hensmans, Le Dernier Cri editions, Elzo Durt, Manon Bara, Marie-Pierre Brunel, Nina Cosco, Noémie Barsolle, Pakito Bolino, Piet du Congo, Vincent Wagnair

Exhibition open from March 12 until April 30, 2023 (open from Thursday to Sunday inclusive from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.)
EXIT11: rue de Petit-Leez 129, Grand-Leez, BELGIUM

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Collective exhibition in Brussels, February 3, 4 and 5 at the Brass – centre culturel de Forest during the Satan Day Night Fever festival organized by the label Cheap Satanism Records
For the expo, Cheap Satanism offered carte blanche to its Sterput comrades!
With the artists:
> Piet du Congo > The Redhead Crab > Vincent Wagnair > Kkro > David ‘Dedeystere’ Stubbe > Bryan Beast > Sophie Monroy > Silio Durt > Noemie Barsolle > Eleonore & Kenny > Oskar Bonnet > Nina Cosco > Garance Mor > Mona Margot > Shocks & Ennui > Ammo > Banana Bill > Vincent Zabladowski
A smallpress event is also organized on Sundays with free access.

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Next exhibition in Brussels, from November 24 to December 04, at the Sterput gallery.
Activate the magnetic fields, maximum power! Spiro-lasers in action! Fire at will! Face the mutant hordes that threaten peace in the reality world, join the HYPERSENTAÏ warriors force and prepare to enter Dimension X! Continuing his exploration of games and childhood imaginary worlds, Bryan Beast turns on his television and consoles again at snack time to present the HyperSentaï, unworthy heirs of X-Or, the Transformers, Bioman, San-Kukai and other Power Rangers. The eternal fight of anger against chaos has only just begun!

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Next exhibition in Brussels, from August 11 to 28, as part of the SaintkletSummerTour’22, in the Distorsion gallery, located at the Grand Hospice.
A troupe of characters fills the exhibition space, they are sandbox characters, playground characters, board game characters. Alternately villains, heroes, princesses or monsters, soldiers or pirates, beasts or divinities, the toys and figurines are the interchangeable actors in a play that can only be understood by its director, the child who is playing.

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Work in Progress : Entrepreneurs modernes

New comic book project in progress! “Entrepreneurs modernes” recounts Amédé Brumaire adventures, a young dynamic decision-maker determined to modernize the family business: he wants to embark on the creation of internet applications but unfortunately only has industrial tools and under-qualified personnel for this…
Developed in an industrial world mixing absurd fantasy and whimsical science fiction, this managerial universe constitutes the ideal pretext for the creation of a gallery of bizarre employees, disturbing hierarchical superiors and grotesque colleagues!

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Book : Pandemonium

Pandemonium” is a graphic book, that gather silkscreen et numeric printed illustrations.
This book offers a theater of macabre devils, loaded and sulphurous. The composition is here at the service of a maelstrom with dubious allegories: deadly sins, demonic tabloids and hallucinated visions. Sermons of this black mass are made from a patchwork of renaissance engravings, cliparts, Victorian caricatures and photographic textures. The mixture of printing techniques and page formats parade through pages and leaflets, giving its jerky and fractal rhythm to the whole.
Drawing his references from art history as well as from metal album covers, the artist creates his own baroque universe, dark but nevertheless elegant.

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