Poster - August 2021

Poster : Alignment of planets and zoom meeting

Proposal for poster competition on the theme “rendez-vous”. I chose to represent the notion of meeting by two approaches: the spatio-temporal aspect of the expression “an alignment of planets” which symbolizes this moment when everything is implemented, sometimes on colossal scales, to bring together several people: this precise moment when everything contributes to the meeting, which makes reunion possible. But here this reunion remains virtual. In this “particular period”, whether for work or for leisure, individuals who nevertheless live in the same neighborhood, the same city, the same country, use virtual means of communication that they could use in the same way. way if they were in different countries, distant worlds, causing an illusion of remoteness and reinforcing this idea of “meeting through time and space”.

Designjet fine art print on coated paper 180g/m²
A2+ size (46.5 x 65 cm)

Price : 20€