Books - January 2020

Book : Pandemonium

“Pandemonium” is a graphic book, that gather silkscreen et numeric printed illustrations.
This book offers a theater of macabre devils, loaded and sulphurous. The composition is here at the service of a maelstrom with dubious allegories: deadly sins, demonic tabloids and hallucinated visions. Sermons of this black mass are made from a patchwork of renaissance engravings, cliparts, Victorian caricatures and photographic textures. The mixture of printing techniques and page formats parade through pages and leaflets, giving its jerky and fractal rhythm to the whole.
Drawing his references from art history as well as from metal album covers, the artist creates his own baroque universe, dark but nevertheless elegant.

More previews on the dedicated instagram account.
Co-produced with Éditions E².

A4 book – 30 pages/leaflets – More than 60 pictures
2 color silkscreen on black/vermillon malmero paper 140g + black numeric print on schist malmero paper 140g + color numeric print on Freelife Velum Ivory paper 140g + gradient silkscreened dust jacket with flaps on fedrigoni nero paper 270g
Digital collages
266 hand-made and numbered copies

Price : 25€