Books - September 2018

Book : Là-bas

The non-profit association E² and the collective Körper offer an exhibition as chivalrous as morbid in the image of Gilles de Rais, this hero of the Hundred Years War who became a child hangman to the glory of Satan.
The Körper collective, composed of Klervi Bourseul, Cedric Le Corf, Maël Nozahic and Arnaud Rochard, has its roots in Brittany and draws its references in medieval imagery, vanity, anatomical and botanical boards, mythical bestiaries and dreamlike landscapes. Laurent Impeduglia, Hoel Von Helvet, Lucius Fhyleomerras, Benjamin Monti, Bryan Beast and Marine Penhouet are the comrades all found for this fantastic ride through history.

“He wanders in the forests that surround Tiffauges, deep black forests, such as Brittany still has in Carnoët. He sobs, as he walks, dismisses, distracted, the ghosts who accost him, look, and suddenly he sees the obscenity of the very old trees. It seems that nature perverts itself before it, and that it is its very presence that depraves it; for the first time, he understands the immutable salacity of the woods, and discovers priapates in the woods. ”
J.K Huysmans, There

Book A5 – 24 pages
Engravings, drawings, collages
Two colors riso printing
Saddle stitch
Fedrigoni Materica paper 180g and 250g
150 copies

Price : 10€

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